Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Artwalk in Silver Spring, MD

Tuesday, June 14th 6 – 9pm :

10% off dinner at Los Arrieros for ArtWalk patrons!

Gateway’s Heliport Gallery, 8001 Kennett St. Suite 3

Gateway’s Heliport Gallery, the newest edition of Silver Spring’s Arts and Entertainment District is currently showing Reflections In Stone : an exhibition of Shona sculptures. The exhibit features approximately 20 artists from one of Zimbabwe’s most established artist communities, “The Gateway to the Stones at Tengenege.” The artists’ work both honors links to ancient Zimbabwean civilization and explores universal themes of love, work, family and worship.

Art In Transition : ArtDC.org and re:place : 7981 Eastern Ave. (entrance by the Kennett St. garage)

Art In Transition is an exhibit series coordinated by Gateway Georgia Avenue, in which area curators are invited to curate exhibits in transitional spaces in the Arts and Entertainment District. The first part of the series is now taking place in the commercial wing at 7981 Eastern Ave. Entrance to the spaces can be found by the Kennett St. garage.

Suites 3 and 4 are curated by Jesse Cohen of ArtDC.org, an artist lead organization that seeks to bridge the communication between artists of all mediums, galleries, and collectors. Work by members: Elizabeth Garber, Jessie Marschiello, Sasha Blanton, Cecicole McInturff, Joanna Bresee, Sean Felix, Erin Antogneli, Matt Hollis, Angela Kleis, Stephanie Booth, Brian Hewitt, Robin Walker, Jennifer Bishop, Raymond Klecker, Candace Keegan, Michael Auger, Jason Habour, Alexandra Silverthorne, Jennifer Golden, James Landry, Danny Jacques, Nancy Fallon, Stephen Mead, Virginia Nostrand, Erin Fogarty The exhibit features a wide range of artistic work and talent, showcasing the depth of our area’s local art scene. An additional wrinkle includes Exhibitor’s comments on “What it means to emerge” which will also be on display.

For more information, please visit: www.artdc.org

Gallery hours this week: Today June 7th, 4 - 7pm ; Saturday June 11th , 12 – 7pm (BBQ!)

Suite 2 has been curated by Angela Jerardi and includes installation artists Laura Amussen and Jessie Lehson and photographer Michael Wichita. Featured in the Washington Express, the exhibit’s title: re:place focuses on memory, loss and transformation. The exhibit, explores how physical objects can transform our reality, while investigating how these objects can serve as markers and buoys in each of our lives.

For more information please visit:


Los Arrieros : Kim Bentley and Paula Jakobsberg : 7926 Georgia Ave.

For artist Kim Bentley, family and identity are two themes that are intertwined in her artwork. As a Korean American adoptee, she feels entirely American and not fully Korean. Kim uses her artwork to examine and preserve her adopted family’s history while weaving her own storyline into it. Using solar plates, metal plates coated with a light sensitive plastic, she scans old photographs, handwritten letters, passed down recipes, and other elements of her relatives lives while inserting her own viewpoint to create provocative prints. My artwork is an exploration and preservation of family history - much like an illustrated family album.

Pauline Jakobsberg, a printmaker for the past thirty years, is a founding member of the Washington Printmakers Gallery in DC and the Graphic Workshop Studio in Silver Spring. Pauline has had several solo exhibitions of her prints in the U.S. and Europe. Her most recent show was at the Godwin-Ternbach Museum in New York. The works she will be showing at Los Arrieros are monotypes, one of a kind, colorful images of people in various settings.

Alchemy : 8025 Georgia Ave.

Alchemy has been open for three months and has grown from 25 to 52 artists. The store is bursting at the seams with beautiful, interesting, eclectic art. Come sign up for workshops in jewelry and soap making, painting herb pots, card making and scrapbooking -- participate in drumming circles (even if you've never drummed before) -- and keep your eyes open for Alchemy's weekly Saturday outdoor artist market to open shortly.

For more information: www.artandalchemy.com

Pyramid Atlantic : 8230 Georgia Ave. : Telling Their Stories and Contemporary Codex

Telling Their Stories, was a series of workshops that brought together writers, artists and orators at Pyramid Atlantic to reveal their stories. The group interacted to learn new art skills, applied creative thinking to their interests and dynamically interpreted their own symbols and images as a key to human communication and understanding. June 14th will be an evening of show and tell, highlighting the process that the participants went through.

Contemporary Codex: Ceramics and The Book is a traveling exhibit by eight national and international artists celebrating the confluence of ceramics and the book in contemporary art. The work consists of one-of-a-kind conceptual sculptural book objects, and installations that interpret these two forms (ceramics and the books) with integrity and a variety of aesthetic viewpoints. Ceramics and the books share a common history. The earliest book forms were cuneiforms, small terra cotta tablets with orderly symbols easily tucked into a side sleeve and carried around. Not unlike the small medieval girdle book, which was worn at the waist, these early book objects were imbued with power and intimacy. These feelings of intimacy, combined with the power of storytelling draw artists in to explore the book form in their artwork. Ceramic books range from those of traditional book form to those deconstructed to the point of being unrecognizable. Yet, all of the work in Contemporary Codex explores the tactile intimacy of the book as an interactive object.

For more information: www.pyramidatlanticartcenter.org

Kari Minnick’s Glass Studio : 8230 Georgia Ave.

Patrons can expect to see a working kiln formed glass studio where many things are made from

jewelry, functional and fine art glass, to large site specific works. They will have a chance to learn about courses in glass arts that are offered by the studio.

Gateway’s Progressive ArtWalk is an activity coordinated by the Gateway Georgia Avenue Revitalization Corporation. It is a socio-economic development tool intended to assist in the revitalization of the Georgia Avenue corridor in south Silver Spring, as a unique, vibrant and walkable community.


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