Saturday, July 09, 2005

Art Walk in silver spring, MD

When: Tuesday, July 12th 6 – 9pm : Drum Circle at Alchemy, 6:15pm

Where: Gateway’s Heliport Gallery, 8001 Kennett St. Suite 3 ; Los Arrieros, 7926 Georgia Ave ; Alchemy, 8025 Georgia Ave ; Pyramid Atlantic and Kari Minnick’s Glass Studio, 8230 Georgia Ave.; Kefa Café 963 Bonifant St.

10% off dinner at Los Arrieros for ArtWalk patrons!

What: Gateway’s Heliport Gallery : Reflections In Stone : 8001 Kennett St., Suite 3
Gateway’s Heliport Gallery, the newest edition of Silver Spring’s Arts and Entertainment District is currently showing Reflections In Stone : an exhibition of Shona sculptures. The exhibit features approximately 20 artists from one of Zimbabwe’s most established artist communities, “The Gateway to the Stones at Tengenege.” The artists’ work both honors links to ancient Zimbabwean civilization and explores universal themes of love, work, family and worship.

Los Arrieros : featuring : 7926 Georgia Ave. is an artist lead organization that seeks to bridge the communication between artists of all mediums, galleries, and collectors. Their recent show in the Art In Transition series was a resounding success, with over 300 attendees during the course of the month long exhibit and 4 different events.

Alchemy : Drum Circle! : 8025 Georgia Avenue (East West Highway and Georgia - free parking at store)
Experience Good Vibrations as we drum our way into July's ArtsWalk. Local drum circle facilitator Mark Schlanger will guide you through an exhilarating one-hour community-building experiential drum circle. Please bring a drum and other percussive instruments. Extra drums and assorted percussion instruments will be available for loan. No prior musical experience necessary. RSVP by 7/10/05 to Brenda at Alchemy by phone or email: Maximum of 15 people for this intro class so please sign up immediately if you want to participate. No fee - arrive at Alchemy no later than 6pm - drumming begins promptly at 6:15 pm!. Mark will be leading a 2 hour drum circle class at Alchemy on Sunday July 17th from 4-6PM. Register today! Alchemy: 301-565-2262.

For more information:

Pyramid Atlantic : Expressing Our Identity and Contemporary Codex : 8230 Georgia Ave.

Expressing Our Identity grew out of a special art program for area youths, called ARTvantage. Hosted by Pyramid Atlantic, the program provides full scholarships to the participants and focuses on building visual literacy and communication skills through weekend and after-school programs. A group of talented artists, in collaboration with Pyramid Atlantic staff, work with the student participants who have the opportunity to develop hands-on experience in papermaking, printmaking, and digital processes. They have also explored cultural identity through individual and collaborative projects that are guided by the use and meaning of language linked to visual art.

Contemporary Codex: Ceramics and The Book is a traveling exhibit by eight national and international artists celebrating the confluence of ceramics and the book in contemporary art. The work consists of one-of-a-kind conceptual sculptural book objects, and installations that interpret these two forms (ceramics and the books) with integrity and a variety of aesthetic viewpoints. Ceramics and the books share a common history. The earliest book forms were cuneiforms, small terra cotta tablets with orderly symbols easily tucked into a side sleeve and carried around. Not unlike the small medieval girdle book, which was worn at the waist, these early book objects were imbued with power and intimacy. These feelings of intimacy, combined with the power of storytelling draw artists in to explore the book form in their artwork. Ceramic books range from those of traditional book form to those deconstructed to the point of being unrecognizable. Yet, all of the work in Contemporary Codex explores the tactile intimacy of the book as an interactive object.

For more information:

Kari Minnick’s Glass Studio : 8230 Georgia Ave.
Patrons can expect to see a working kiln formed glass studio where many things are made from
jewelry, functional and fine art gla
ss, to large site specific works. They will have a chance to learn about courses in glass arts that are offered by the studio.

Space 7:10, Kefa Café : Tom Block : 963 Bonifant St.
These are the original works upon which a temporary public art project in Tempe, Arizona (which will run from July 30, 2005January 30, 2006) is based. Fusing words representing the highest aspirations of mankind (taken from great humanists such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Lao Tzu, etc.) with specially created paintings, Cousins places art and text works in transit stops that will be available to every one of Tempe’s citizens everyday. The panels provide quiet, surprising moments to be discovered by people from all cultures and economic classes while going through the motions of their normal day.


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