Friday, May 19, 2006

Night on Ninth in Brookland

Please join the Ninth Street Galleries Friday, May,19 from 6-8 PM for a wine
and cheese reception.

This weeks opening show is at: **
Roxanne's Artiques: 3426 Ninth Street NE
***** Roxanne's Artiques Gallery *****

"Musical Legends"
An Artisit's Perspective By BARRY BISHOP
Reception for the Artist tonight 6:00 to 8:00 PM *****

Wohlfarth Galleries
The Girlz Club *** "Pink Lady" Mixology

Lisa Farrell

Mary Frank

Michal Hunter

Judy Jashinsky

Elizabeth Jernigan

Candace Keegan

Emily Greene-Liddle

Robin Renay

Check out our summer art blog **

*****Washington Works On Paper, 3420 Ninth Street

"Padre e Figilia "(father and daughter)

Daniel Shay

Generva Shay

Photography, (Silver Gelatin Prints)

Drawings, (Pen and Ink on Papyrus)


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