Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bastille Day BBQ at Modern ARF

Bastille Day BBQ at Modern ARF
Friday evening July 14, from 6 pm on…

Celebrate “The Scrolls” exhibition Closing Party
and the Disappearance
of the Great Blue Diamond from
the Garde Meuble, Paris, 1792
(now in the Smithsonian as the Hope)
See the show featured in
the Washington Post Express
and the Arlington Connection…
and ask the Hope Diamond a question…
(it's here on Bastille Day for a limited engagement)

Museum of Modern ARF
1116 N. Hudson St.
Arlington, VA 22201
60 steps from the Clarendon Metro Elevator
(Orange Line)
French Wine, Italian Pinot Grigio
(to honor the finalists),
Grog and Meade yaree yaree yar
Bring something to sear on the grill
Animal, vegetable or mineral
We’ll provide the rest of the fun.

Visit the little museum known on four continents
for its humorously cavalier attitude.
Learn also how you can get involved
the global children’s art project


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