Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dinner and a Movie

Silver Spring Gateway 4th Annual Dinner and a Movie night at Los Arrieros!

This year, Silver Spring media maven Richard Jaeggi has curated another wonderful evening of short films. The criteria for submission was that the film had to somehow be related to Silver Spring. This night is always a huge hit, so please plan on getting to Los Arrieros as early as possible to grab a table and get your orders in!

When: Thursday, January 18th 7 – 9pm (get there early and grab a table!)
Where: Los Arrieros: 7926 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring Md. 20910

“Next Stop: Silver Spring”; Walter Gottlieb, Silver Spring Media Arts
“Shepherd Park: Past and Present”; Walter Gottlieb, Silver Spring Media Arts
“Finding Our Turf”; Lisa Jaeggi, Silver Spring Youth Collaborative
“Inappropriate”; Music Video, Jim Cooney
“Those Who Trespass;” Trailer, Jim Cooney

“Next Stop: Silver Spring“ 3 min.
This documentary is a sequel to “Silver Spring: Story of an American suburb”. Next stop chronicles the history and renovation of Silver Spring’s 1945 B&O Railroad Station.

“Shepherd Park: Past and Present” 30 Min.
This 10 vignette piece depicts the Shepherd Park community. The vignettes tell the story of this unique, historic neighborhood through the eyes of its residents.

“Finding Our Turf” 25 Min
The video is the culmination of a four-week summer project in which fourteen local teens used microphones and video cameras to interview other young people who come to the new downtown to relax and socialize. The group’s mission was to understand the popularity of Silver Spring’s accidental teen hang-out spot, A.K.A., the Turf.

“Inappropriate” 5 Min
"Inappropriate" is a locally shot music video for one of the songs on Sean Cooney’s new album "Dandelion in Distress". The video features native S.S. actress Lilly Hamburger, and native S.S. musicians/Blair alums Sean, Cory Choy, and Luke Allen with animation by Sean.

“Those Who Trespass” 5 Min
This is a trailer for a horror short shot on the grounds of the Forest Glen Seminary at the end of summer 2004, with a cast and crew from Silver Spring.

Walter will also have: DVD copies of "Shepherd Park: Past & Present" ($21.95) and "Heart & Soul: The Life and Music of Frank Loesser" ($24.95) at the event for purchase.


Blogger Jimmy said...

Wow, that was an amazing night. Cool to see that you posted something about it. Gotta love Silver Spring.

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