Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Warehouse Cafe is Closing

The Warehouse Bar & Cafe is closing!

Join them Sunday, July 29, for the final regular bar night.

Drink Specials! Art in Heat exhibition! Fringe performances!

Buy a drink and hear about future plans.
Share your suggestions for the future of the Warehouse.

The fun starts at 7pm.

(The Warehouse Theater and the Warehouse Gallery will open new shows in September.
They will host a series of special events throughout the fall, so if you miss us on Sunday, don't despair.)

See you at the Warehouse!


Blogger Kristen said...

Celebrate the Warehouse on July 29 at with our Performance Art piece - 69 Ways to Fall in LOVE - the Warehouse Arts Mainstage at Noon. http://www.solobass.org/69ways.html

Indulge in the sublime ecstasy of Dionysian bliss! Surround yourself in rich Music, Dance and Poetry as we join Cupid in an exploration of LOVE.
Tickets $15 through http://www.capfringe.org

7:46 AM  

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