Thursday, February 18, 2010


Opening Reception
with the artists, live music & refreshments
*****Friday FEBRUARY 19, 2010 at 8pm.*****

Humans have been painting themselves for as long as recorded history
remembers. There is something mysterious about the human body, a form
so familiar, yet one that is endlessly fascinating to us.

The exhibition explores the human form through the eyes of four
sculptors, four photographers and nine painters. Works by Jaclyn
Baldassara, Tony Banks, Jonathan Barcan, Zachary Boehler, Myriah
Brown, Alana A. Fajemisin, Amanda Giczkowski, Marilyn Hammer, Maria
Hatzipetros, Porsche Jones, Candace Keegan, MC Koch, Angela Lopez &
Julian Bryce, Dario Mohr, Heather Nath, Cara Lee Nisbeth, Tara
Sasiadek, and Ashley Smith.
The sculptures, photographs, paintings, jewelry and mixed media work
will be on exhibit until April 9th,2010.

Utu is a word in Swahili, which means the essence or spirit of what
makes one a human being. It is our humanity that makes us unique as
living beings on this planet.

This exhibition hopes to do more than illustrate the endless
variations of the human form. It seeks to bring out the spirit,
humanity and utu in us.

Come join us at The VAuLT on Friday February 19th at 8pm and enjoy the
warmth that fills the room!

The Vault Gallery
702 Main Street
Buffalo, New York 14202


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