Sunday, June 18, 2006


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Through June 25:

"Subdivisions"- curated by Matthew Best

"unit 8" by Andrew Prayzner

Featuring work by: Sandra Jeknavorian, Andrew Prayzner, Matthew Clay- Robison + Joseph Segal

Images of suburbia are prevalent in contemporary visual culture. At their best, the suburbs are portrayed as a safe and peaceful utopia, full of happy and healthy families, and free of crime; at worst, conformist and lacking in diversity and individual expression. The suburbs have come to represent an ideal, the fulfillment of the American dream of land ownership, a house, two cars, and 2.5 children. This American ideal has been the subject of constant scrutiny. This exhibition seeks to explore suburbia as both the birthplace of, and an inspiration to, artists, portraying the love/hate relationship that those who grew up in the suburbs often share. - Matthew Best

Upcoming: DCAC's famous (infamous) 1460 wall mountables is coming up!
Installation dates July 26, 27 and 28 with the opening reception on 7/28
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