Thursday, January 11, 2007

FLUX - An Art Sensory Overload

FLUX - An Art Sensory Overload

In the metaphorical sea of urban America, artists have been drifting away with the tide, as sterile office buildings and chain franchises sail in and the rents skyrocket. In the latest area to fall victim to such conformity, Arlington’s Clarendon neighborhood, the Art Outlet is partnering with Walnut Street Development,, Arlington Independent Media (AIM) and DC Conspiracy to cast the large anchor with its “Flux: An Art Sensory Overload” from 5:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. on Saturday, January 27, at the Danville Body Shop, 1415 N. Danville Street in Arlington, VA 22201.

The DC Conspiracy will hold their event “Washington DC Counter Culture Festival” at Dr. Dremo's from 4:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. You can find more information on their web site at

Flux: An Art Sensory Overload
At The Danville Body Shop, your eyes will feast on paintings, sculpture, and similar visual art fare. You’ll also be treated to four bands, an interactive video/sound performance piece, fire juggling, aerial dance performance, and improv theatre. And if pleasing attendees aurally, visually and esthetically isn’t enough, there will be an art raffle and an art salon open to everyone for the duration. Save the relaxation for the wine and cheese set; this artistic excursion will overload your senses with the unlimited possibilities of artistic endeavor.

Cities are often judged by tourism statistics and their economies, which are worthy of consideration. But from Rome to Paris, from London to New York, from Toronto to Los Angeles, from Tokyo to Beijing, from Bombay to Istanbul, behind every great city is a vibrant artistic scene -- be it architecture, popular music, museums, theatre, the symphony, or filmmaking. In a modern world where graph paper often trumps the canvas, Art Outlet seeks to give local artists a voice and enable visitors to witness first hand what artists can do for neighborhoods.

By including representatives from virtually all artistic media, “Flux: An Art Sensory Overload” proves that while urban areas may be in flux, the artistic community remains constant -- providing character for neighborhoods being swallowed whole by corporate America.

The Danville Body Shop is located next to Whole Foods between Clarendon Boulevard and Wilson Boulevard, equidistant from the Courthouse and Clarendon Metro stops at 1415 N. Danville Street in Arlington, VA 22201.

Dr. Dremo’s is located near the Court House Metro at 2001 Clarendon Blvd. in Arlington, VA 22201

For more information about FLUX, call (571) 214-9994.

FLUX Art Salon Artists:
Dorothy Guy, Jay Krasnow, Ricardo Peñuela-Pava, Ashley Sullivan, Heather Self, Cavan N Fleming, Elizabeth Halpin, Paul Veres, Charles Westerman, Page Carr, Dan Glucksman, Stefanie Sylvester, Brad Steiner, Nancy Bowman, Kenneth Gwira, Shannon McCarty, Marina Reiter, Adam Ishaeik, Angela Kleis, Michele Delamenardiere, Jack Whitsitt, Rebecca C. Adams, Kimberly Stark, Joe Morey, Jennifer Foley, Katurah Thomas , Jerome Spinner, Carrie Lipscomb, Michelle Valenton, Michael Auger, Ellyce Morgan, John N. Grunwell, D. Black, Rania Hassan, Sean Hennessey, Bradley Taylor, Darren Smith, Salvatore Ferro, Peter V Riper, James Greenwalt, Ellyce Morgan, Candace Keegan, Michelle Miller, Emily Greene Liddle.


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