Sunday, May 20, 2007

My Artomatic Top Picks

Painting above by Margaret Dowell

Painting above by Gregory Ferrand

Painting above by Kevin Thomas Irvin

Painting above by Emily Green-Liddle

Ok, I know I waited until the last minute, but I finally have my top picks from Artomatic 2007 (listed in no particular order):

Dianne Tesler's AWSOMEly executed painting of an old house (Open House II)
Lynn Putney's dream-like abstractions
Chris Bishop's pop paintings (LOVE the pretty girls and robots)
William Remington's figures (Specifically the Picasso-esq paintings)
Emily Greene Liddle's juicy, beautifully rendered pierced fruit paintings

Dale Hunt's funky monsters
Kevin Thomas Irvin's graffitti-style paintings
Margaret Dowell's technically fabulous work
Gregory Ferrand's weird and wonderful narratives

Sean Henessey's cool wall sculptures
Veronica Szalus gigantically huge papers
Laura Lukaszewski's elegant porcelain "Feather"
Brad Taylor's super cool "Can Tab Chair" (that I had seen and fell in love with at Art Outlet's Flux)
Pamela Burris's welded steel, "Accumulative Effect"
Christie Otvas mosaic baby-doll, "Estes"

Tracy Lee's sensual and steamy erotic photos
Camille Mosley-Pasley's, "Mama Love" photos(GREAT juxtaposition in that room between the two varying depictions of the female nude: Mosley-Paisley's as maternal/nurturing and Lee's as sensual and sexual)
Jesse Cohen's photos (especially the new figure photo of the woman with the blueish tint and
I didn't write down the title, sorry , Jesse!)
Angela Kleis's cool graffiti photos
Alexandra Silverthorne's photos(this girl has a great eye!)

Tim Hayes, "Brave Soldiers Plus one Politician" (thanks to Steve Krensky of Light Street Gallery for reminding me about this incredible piece! It is superb!)


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