Friday, December 14, 2007

Market 5 Gallery Needs your help!!!

For over 30 years Market 5 Gallery has operated in the north hall of
Washington, DC's historic Eastern Market as an alternative art space.
Despite the fact that the space has no indoor plumbing or climate
control, this non profit arts organization has thrived and launched
many a career in the arts. A few years ago, Market 5 went to court to
fight an illegal eviction by the city. The case was settled out of
court but the rent was raised almost 10 fold with the promise of
indoor plumbing, heat, an upgraded electrical system and other
improvements to bring the entire market up to code. Now that
improvements are underway on the south hall of the market, the city is
trying to illegally evict Market 5 Gallery again. Please help the
gallery by signing a petition to stop this eviction.

Join Market 5 Gallery and its supporters Saturday, December 15 @ 1 pm
to protest the eviction of Market 5 Gallery. Washington, DC's Office
of Property Management (OPM) and its contractors have bullied and
harassed Market 5 Gallery ever since it was given oversight of Eastern
Market's North Hall. On Tuesday morning, OPM broke in the gallery and
changed the locks under the guise of a window inspection. Later that
day an OPM official said it was a mistake and that they would send
someone to let gallery staff in on Wednesday. Somehow, the window
inspection and lock change caused the gallery computers to crash.
Computer Geeks will give a full report of the problem when the
computers are fixed. We need your voice to put an end to this kind of
harassment and illegal activity by the government. We need you to:

1) View the video linked below of the recent lockout, rate it and
leave comments to boost visibility of the gallery's predicament.

2) join us for a rally and petition signing at Market 5 on Saturday,
December 15 at 1 pm. (rain, snow or shine)

3) sign the online eviction protest petition

3) contact the mayor and city council to express your outrage (mayor's
contact info is displayed in the video)

4) help us spread the word even if you can't make it to the rally.
Post it on your web site or blog, e-mail and call friends.

OPM thinks we'll keep our mouths shut and leave. We're not doing
either. We're going back to court to fight the new eviction notice and
the put an end to bullying, harassment and spread of falsehoods by
OPM, its contractors and special interest groups.

Please read the Save Market 5 webpage
( as well as the
depositions that have been posted online for more info on Market 5's
legal battle with DC's Office of Property Management. It's a lot of
reading but you'll begin to understand the hostility the gallery has
faced in dealing with OPM and EMCAC. Thanks in advance for your



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