Sunday, July 01, 2007

Art in Heat Pics!

Last night's opening for "Art in Heat" was a big hit! The house was packed and the place was buzzing the energy. Here are some pics:

One of the two organizers of the show, awesome artist Scott Brooks(red shirt) and thanks also to Mike for a super great website!!

The beautiful and talented artist Emily Greene Liddle and yours truly(in black).

Yes, this is a picture of the artist's feet.

From left to right: yours truly, artist Linas Garsys, artist Emily Greene Liddle

Artist Anna u. Davis(left)

Artists John Lancaster and Laurel Hausler

Artist Dana Ellyn

From left to right: artist Emily Greene Liddle, Chris Bishop, Annu U. Davis and Dana Ellyn

The Dj's

Yours truly and my oil painting, "Am", 2007


Blogger Charcoal Moon said...

I love that Candace paints herself, being fully responsible as artist and model.

7:20 AM  

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