Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Artz & Craftz

Artz & Craftz...An Audio/Vizual Revolution
At The Common Share....2003 18th St. NW (adams morgan)

Wed. June 6

Featured Artist: Catrell Thomas
Title: "Little Harlem"
Medium(s): photography

$2 Tequila Sunrise
$2 Guinness

No Cover
No Dress Code
DJ 2-Tone Jones: Hip-Hop and Rare Grooves
Complimentary Gift Bags


Blogger Laser! Beam said...
Brand spankin new online arts magazine made by Corcoran students. Friday, June 22 at 14th and Church Street we are taking over an empty building and turning it into a venue for the night. Photography? yes. Painting? yes. Video art? yes. Bands? yes.

Can you give us a plug on your blog? I can email you an invite image. Hope to see you there

9:45 AM  

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