Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Women's History Month at El Buen Amigo

Women’s Art Exhibit featuring the works of local and international Women Artists including Lemseh Carothers-Abdullah, Sandra Holland, Aida Corral Gámez,  Diana Ortíz García, Kyla Kegler, Sonya Manning, Candace Keegan with music by Dickson & Woodin, Orange Leaves and Clandestina y la Raza Cósmica.

Open reception on March 4 @  6:00-9:00 pm /Art Exhibition and Music
March 5 @  3:30-7:00 pm / Women Poetry Readings
March 6 @  2:00-5:00 pm / Poetry Workshop

Donations greatly appreciated.

All proceeds benefit for Women in Chile and Women and Children of Tibetan government In Exile.

El Buen Amigo uses arts as a vehicle to inspire cross-cultural understanding, making the rich cultural heritage of Latin America accessible to everyone via educational and cultural programming, as well as our fair trade storefront. LACA operates as a non-profit organization, where all of the profits earned from our store and outreach events are reinvested in the communities of Central and South America.

The association is based in El Buen Amigo, our fair trade storefront located in the heart of the Allentown district in Buffalo, NY. El Buen Amigo offers our customers fair trade arts, crafts, clothing and coffee direct from artisans and farmers in Latin America. We obtain beautiful handcrafted items from artisans in Central and South America, and the Caribbean, for fair prices. In this way, we help provide impoverished individuals from developing countries with a living income and the opportunity tomaintain a sustainable lifestyle for them and their families. It is also our mission to showcase to the North American public the beauty and the value of Latino culture, a resilient culture that has overcome the greatest tests of slavery, poverty, war and segregation.

LACA also hosts in our gallery space a variety of activities and events which promote cultural awareness in an attempt to connect our Buffalo community with those overseas. We offer a Cultural Extension Program to Western New York school and youth groups in an attempt to open a dialogue and broaden their cultural awareness. Our gallery space hosts art, music and cultural events in an effort to provide Buffalo artists with a warm and welcoming place to showcase their own creations.
El Buen Amigo is located at 114 Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY. Click here for directions
We can be reached at (716) 885 6343 or Please feel free to come by or send us an email with any questions about our organization or products. We are open from 11 am – 7 pm Monday to Saturday and 
Sundays 12 – 5 pm.

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