Monday, May 23, 2005

Pictures From Wohlfarth Galleries

Friday was the opening reception for my show "Going Solo: Paintings by Candace Keegan 2003-2005" at Wohlfarth Galleries in Brookland. Here's some photos from the event:

The show runs through June 17, gallery hrs. are: Wed, Fri, Sat 12-4pm and Thurs 4-8pm, located at 3418 9th street, NE (1/2 block from Brooklan/CUA red line metro), call 202-526-8022 for info

Last chance to See Silverthorne!

Alexandra Silverthorne at Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Saturday night at the "Art in Transition" Exhibition I met lots of energetic, enthusiatic young artists. One of them was Alexandra. She has an exhibition of her photographs up at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in DC through May 29th. The show is titled, "No More Hiroshimas! No more Nagasakis!" and includes a sereis of photos from a trip she made last August. Check it out!

Martin Luther King, JR. Library
901 9th St, NW
Washington, DC
M-Th 9:30-9
F-Sat 9:30-5:30
Sun 1-5

Pictures from Opening

Saturday evening was the opening reception for's "Art in Transition" exhibition.
They did a wonderful job putting together an impressive show and a lovely reception. It was great to be involved with a group of artists with so much enthusiasm and positive creative energy! They will be having an event next Friday, My 27th at 8:00pm, featuring a drum circle and refreshments.
"Art in Transition" is located at 7981 Easter Ave, Silver spring, MD(entrance at Kennet Street Garage, one block from Eastern Ave) It is near Takoma Park.
Here are some photos from the opening:

Sunday, May 22, 2005

This week's Quote

This week I decided to mix it up a bit and instead of finding a quote on the definition of art, I found one on the definition of an artist. I LOVE this one!

The ideal artist is he who knows everything, feels everything, experiences everything, and retains his experience in a spirit of wonder and feeds upon it with creative lust...
-George Bellows

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Call for Submissions At MOCA DC

Call for Submissions

Now accepting applications for A Celebration of the Figure II, a major figurative art show in Washington, DC. Work may be any media so long as it is nude or mostly so; portraits not included. The exhibit last year garnered more than 180 pieces from 70 artists around the country and Norway. Deadline is July 6, 2005.

The opening reception on July 8 will feature a belly dancer performing all night from a special area painted to reflect an appropriate Arabic venue. A video of this will be included in a CD Rom created for the exhibit. This will include artist’s bio and headshot, as well as each work of art and other items of interest.

A copy of last year’s CD is available, and includes the 7/18/2005 body painting session that was part of the 2nd anniversary of the Figure Models Guild. Copies may be ordered for $10, plus $2 handling and postage. Make checks payable to David R. Quammen.

Mail applications for the 2005 exhibit and requests for the CD Rom of the 2004 exhibit to:

David R. Quammen, C/O MOCA DC/A&M Galleries, 1054 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Open Studio!

OPEN STUDIO at Passageways Studios
Sunday, May, 22 - from 2 to 5 PM

Passageways is located behind Eastpines Shopping strip in Riverdale, MD.
The strip is at the intersection of East-West Highway (410) and the B/W Parkway.
From the Beltway take the B/W Pkway south (towards DC). The first exit off the Pkway is
410, E-W Highway;turn left on 410, go under the bridges of the Parkway, and the first left
(66th Ave) leads you to the large parking lot behind Eastpines.

Address is 6001 66th Ave, Suite 201.

There will be refreshments in each studio.

This Week's Quote

What is art?
Art is an intersection of many human needs.
-Carl Andre

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Night on Ninth in Brookland

The Brookland CDC Presents:
" NIGHT ON NINTH " (3400 Block of Ninth Street ,NE, Washington, DC, 1/2 block from Brookland/CUA red line metro)

FRIDAY, May 20th *****
There will be a Wine and Cheese Reception from 6-8 PM at the following Galleries on 9th Street, NE.

* Wohlfarth Galleries, 3418 9th St., "Going Solo" by Candace Keegan, oils on canvas.
MFA Graduate, 2005 Catholic University, through June 17th

* Washington Works on Paper, 3420 9th, Lino-prints, by Ray Allard, and much more
in our permanent collection on the second floor//This is the Brookland CDC's non-profit
Gallery and 50% of sales go to support the programs of the Brookland CDC.

* Roxanne's Artiques, 3426 9th St, Sculpture and paintings by George Nock, and International Art and Artifacts


* Saturday & Sunday, May 21 and 22 from 11:00-4:00 PM,
Both Days
"CLOTHESLINE ART SALE " , no piece over $60.00 (Cash and Carry) checks accepted

202-526-4848 for Information

Affordable Art from local Artists // Eight Artists participating this year

Curator: Local Artist, Printmaker, and Poet, Ray Allard

Located right around the corner from Catholic University and across 9th Street from Colonel Brook's Tavern.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Kudos to WPA!

YAAY...The Washington Project for The Arts is becoming more active in promoting local artists.
See below for some upcoming exhibitions (great ideas!)

June 30 - September 9, 2005
"WPA\C will hold SEVEN: Seven Separate Shows Under One Roof
Curated by F. Lennox Campello, assisted by Sandra Fernandez and Adrian
Schneck. Opening June 30, 2005, "SEVEN," will be a provocative curated
exhibition of WPA\C artists who embody the spectacular creative
diversity of the DC region. It will be hosted at seven different
exhibition spaces in and around the Warehouse Gallery and Theatre.
They will be choosing artists from the WPA slide registry.
Warehouse: 1027 7th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001. Opening
Reception: June 30, 2005, 7:30 - 10:00pm
Gallery Talk: Sunday, July 24, 2005, 4:00pm.
Call for entries: Mr. Campello has reviewed all slides in the WPA\C
slide registry, member artists who have not submitted slides may also
submit electronically to by June 10, 2005.
Include the
following in your submission:
In your email, please include your name, street address, phone number,
email address, title, year, size and media of entry. JPEG files or
twenty slides as described in membership information on website. Name
the file your last name.first name (Example: smith.john). Subject line
in email should read: 'SEVEN Submission'. To become a WPA\C member,
please go to and click on the membership tab."

"WPA\C will have a series of exhibitions beginning in July
2005, "Turning the Page: Artists Selected from the 2006 Washington
Project for the Arts Artist Directory", each show will feature three
WPA\C member artists who are participants in the directory. The
"Turning the Page" series will provide an opportunity to examine and
explore more closely the work of select artists represented in the 2006
WPA\C Artist Directory. "

Art Happenings

I am a little late posting these because of graduation and everything this past weekend(I officially have my MFA..Hoorah!!!!), but here are some art happenings and goings- on around the area:

Touchstone GalleryCanvas & Steel - David Peirick May 11-June 5, Washington, DC

Cubicle 10-Cedric Smith May 14-June pm1431 - 1435 North Central Avenue, Baltimore, MD 410.468.0608 or

Larry Poncho Brown's Studio Show & Open HouseMay 21st & 22nd, from 12 p.m. - 5 p.m. 4133 Hayward Avenue, Baltimore, MD

And don't forget me: Going Solo: Paintings by Candace Keegan 2003-2005 @ Wohlfarth Galleries, 3418 9th street, NE Washington, DC (1/2 block from Brooklan/CUA red line metro)
(202) 526-8022 Opening Reception: This Friday, May 20 6-9pm

And the Artdc show(see details below)

Sunday, May 15, 2005 Exhibition presents: Art in Transition
A Group Exhibition
May 21-June 17, 2005
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 21, 2005 6-9pm
7981 Eastern Ave
Silver spring, MD 20910(near Takoma Park)
Entrance by Kennett Street Garage, 1 bock from Eastern Ave

Promoting Art, thought and communication
Visit the website at
This is Artdc's first major group show!

See some of my work and lots of other great artist's, too!'s Manifesto
We Must:
Initiate Artist Discovery
Encourage Art Discussion
Advance Creative Development
Promote Art collection
Develop A Movement in DC
Aid Self Promotion

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Warning! Naked Breast takes Northern Virginia by Storm!

So today I stopped by the office of the Northern Virginia based magazine Elan, to pick up some copies of their May Edition, in which there happens to be a profile article on me. I was told that since I was a profiled artist, I could go and pick up six free copies of my very own. I politely called their office for directions and headed to pick up my shiny, new magazines. I was filled with excitement and anticipation! I see the office door..oh boy! I enter quietly. It turned out to be a very bizarre experience, to say the least. When I walked in, there were two gentlemen, both on the telephone. One of the men, upon completing his phone call, stood up and looked at me with a strange expression. I say, "Hi, I am one of the artists profiled in your magazine this month and I..." I am quickly interrupted when he says in a rather unpleasant manner, "Why, YES you ARE. You lost me five subscribers this morning." In which I respond (just a note that I have not even seen the article yet at this point), "You lost subscribers because of me...because of the work?" "Yes, he replies." So now I am thinking to myself, wow I sent them a cd with fifteen or so images, a few of which had some nudity(breasts)..but many did not have any exposed parts at all. Apparently one of the works they chose to publish in the magazine has a naked breast(GASP!), and apparently some subscribers were so shocked and appalled by the lude display of this oh so taboo female body part, (a painted rendering of a....a breast!)they called immediately and canceled their subscription. As I was leaving the office, I apologized to this gentleman for the loss of these five subscribers and tried to add a positive spin on the situation by telling him that maybe he would gain five new, more progressive and open-minded subscribers in their stead. He did not seem to like my remark and left me with, "Well, I hope you enjoy being famous for a day!" Hmm...the day is almost over. Strange, I don't feel any different. Hmm...I guess being famous for a day(whatever the heck he actually meant by that), isn't all it is cracked up to be. I do want to say that I commend them for having the guts to take a risk and actually show some art that isn’t as “safe” as the stuff they normally feature. I would also like to tell the gentlemen who seemed so bent over the loss of those subscribers that while I feel badly about it, maybe he needs to relax and ask himself why he is involved with the publication of an ART magazine in the first place. Yes, Virginia, I’m talk’in about ART.

What is Art? This Week's Quote

Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart of man(or woman) go together. (John Ruskin)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tim Tate at Fraser Bethesda

The Fraser Gallery of Bethesda announces "Compelled by Content: Contemporary Glass" -- an exhibition curated by Tim Tate and running from May 13 - June 5, 2005.

"Compelled by Content: Contemporary Glass" is a group exhibition of emerging and established contemporary fine arts glass sculpture, curated by Tim Tate. This exhibition sets a new footprint and direction for glass, pushing it away from pretty, decorative art and towards narrative work with context and meaning.
The opening reception runs from 6-9PM and is part of the Bethesda Art Walk.

The exhibition includes work by Diane Cabe, Brent Coles, Michael Janis, Allegra Marquart, Syl Mathis, Elizabeth Mears, Turi McKinley, Marc Petrovic, Ross Richmond, Alison Sigethy, Tim Tate, Erwin Timmers and Lea Topping. An opening reception for the artists will be held on Friday, May 13 from 6pm - 9pm.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

What is Art?

Defining the Undefinable

Ok, so I am getting ready to graduate with an Master of Fine Arts now I should have all the answers to those deep-rooted questions about art and life, right? Um... not so much.
I spend so much time thinking about how strange it is to be an "artist"... to be so entirely dedicated to something that I cannot even truly is making my head hurt! Of course I've had to research different definitions and have even come up with various blurbs of my own, yet none seem to truly explain this thing, ART. is what I am going to do: each week I will do some research and post a different definition of ART. If you have one that you know of (you know, one of those famous people from the art history books) or one that a Professor or colleague quoted OR one that you have come up with all by yourself that you would like to share, e-mail it to me at Please just be sure and give credit where credit is due; in other words, no cheating and giving yourself credit for that great Picasso quote you found! C'mon with me!

Here's this week's:
"Art condenses the experience we all have as human beings, and, by forming it, makes it significant. We all have an in-built need for harmony and the structures that create harmony. Basically, art is an affirmation of life."- Trevor Bell

Upcoming Solo Exhibition

Wohlfarth Galleries Presents
Going solo: Paintings by Candace Keegan 2003-2005
May 20-June 10, 2005
Opening Reception: Friday, May 20 6-9pm
Wohlfarth Galleries
3418 9th street, NE
Washington, DC 20017
1/2 block from Brookland/CUA red line metro
For info call 202-526-8022

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