Saturday, September 27, 2008

80's Flashback; Rockin at the Knox tonight!

So this evening my friend and I are headed back in time to go get our 80's alternative on at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. We have been close friends since grade five and lived through being teenagers in the 1980's together. Yes, our Senior year of high school WAS the breakfast Club. She liked Bruce Springsteen and I liked Duran Duran and the Cure, but despite out musical discrepancies we have remained the closest of friends. So tonight, we dive into nostalgia; taking a trip to the Love shack and gettin our 80's groove on with a Rock Lobster! 
I love that our very own Albright Knox; a truly world class museum, is involved in so many great events. They are stellar at linking themselves with music, performance and finding new ways to connect to the community (Gusto, MIA, etc.)
It reminds me that Buffalo is a great place to be!

Conversations in Paint

A DC based artist named Bill Remington recently did a painting after one of my "Lolly-POP" paintings. Mine is the one on the bottom from 2004 and his is above 2008. I was delighted and flattered to have been "abominated" (Reimington refers to them as "abomations") in such a way! I think it's cool when painters can have a dialogue from afar with their work.

Upcoming show at "Artspace Buffalo Gallery"

Last eve when I was over at "Big Orbit", I picked up a postcard for an upcoming exhibit at "Artspace Buffalo Gallery" entitled, "Being Absent". The show will feature work from 19 artists who are all MFA graduates of the University of Buffalo.  The opening reception is Friday, October 10 from 7-11, with a video screening at 9. There's also closing event at Hallwalls on Saturday, November 15 at 8. The show is up through November 15th. I plan to head over there as I have not yet been. I've driven by the building and had been following the progress of the space before I moved back. 

Artspace Buffalo Gallery is located at 1219 Main Street in Buffalo.

The building opened in 2007 and provides affordable housing and workspace fro artists.

Red Heart/Black Tongues at Big Orbit Gallery

ipwhyouLast eve after heading over to the Albright Knox for Friday Gusto at the Gallery's "Art of Hip-Hop", I attended The opening for Big Orbit's "Red Heart/Black Tongues", a very cool video installation by David Mitchell. The installation is ambitious, with two full-sized cars, taxidermy deer, projected video and controlled lighting. The artist was part of Big Orbit's "Site-Specific Summer Residency Program" wherein an artist working with a site-specific installation project is provided twelve weeks to create a "multi-disciplinary, cross-media discourse that holds the potential to involve more kinds of people in the artistic process." 
I was delighted to find "Big Orbit", tucked behind a great old brick building full of artists studios. It reminded me of some of the alternative art spaces I frequented when I lived in DC. 
Big Orbit Gallery is located at 30 Essex Street in Buffalo. The exhibit is up through November 20th.

Richard Huntington at Castellani

A couple of Sundays ago I attended the opening for "Richard Huntington, Thus I Pass By-Selections from 1970-2008".  Huntington was the art and theatre critic for the Buffalo News from 1985-2007. It's a pretty good sized sampling of work; mostly paintings that range stylistically from German Expressionist-style figuration to cartoony Phillip Guston-like canvases. The show is up until January 18th. 

The Castellani Art Museum is located on the campus of Niagara University in Niagara Falls. It's a great cultural venue with several exhibition spaces and top-rate art collections. Check it out!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello! Welcome to the new Artzee Eye Art Blog!

Now that I have settled into my new digs in Buffalo, NY, I will soon begin posting art happenings, exhibits, artwork, etc. in and around the Buffalo area and beyond. I hope you will visit often! It's exciting to be exploring a new art scene. If you are a reader and come across any cool art-related events, exhibits or happenings, please shoot me an e-mail and I'll do my best to post it!

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